The Fixed Shutter Dome, Ocean Plastic Cleanup, and Oclectic Architecture

Ethan Wilson Cliffton

Architect & Inventor

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Core Principles

Think It

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Prepare It

Kenyon & Kenyon create the term

Fixed Shutter Dome

Do It

Eight have been built around the world.

More to come.

FSO Global Concept


A well-equipped diver can read your bank statement. Free Space Optics is the way over that.


A poorly equipped salvage operator can rip 100 miles of fiber from the ocean floor in the hope of finding enough copper for a night out. Free Space Optics is the way over that.

Don't begin to think of what can happen to your financial data in the Suez Canal.

At Femtosecond Speeds Money becomes a Plasma

Think of money as a plasma with a 22-hour circadian rythym. This is not a bloodstream limited to a vascular system, but an organic nervous system with human motivation able to signal across time and distance to any point of the compass.

How about a Shot in the Arm

Free Space Optics is the burgeoning technology that will boost business. Our target markets are financial institutions and non-G12 governments. Both sectors will benefit from a closed network with intrinsic security and blazing speed.

FSO Global offers Three Advantages

1. Your connections expand over land,

2. Your data is invulnerable to service interruptions,

3. Security and speed provides a product differentiation to attract new clients.

We look forward to hearing from you

This is no small plan. Please feel free to comment, critique, or respond with interest.

Expanding Free Space Optics


Accidental intuition leads to intentional innovation


One look at a world map of optical cables,  with their vulnerability to accident and intrusion, leads the money conscious to look up in amazement that it works at all.

$12 Billion up in Smoke & Mirrors

Not a simple task, but also not dependant upon untested technology, Free Space Optics is ready to be applied where money matters.


Launching multiple Mirror Ships will expand the sector well into truly commercial work. Tesla is only the latest to demonstrate that Space is financially accessible.


Mirror production will strain world resource, forcing a multiplier upon coating and ceramic suppliers, and adaptive optics innovators, among many others..

Meanwhile at the Bank

Secure from cuffs and splitters, your money will seamlessly span the globe. Laser transmitter-receiver telescopes are becoming more accurate and affordable.

We want to know

Describe your applications for our ideas

Feel free to contact Ethan

Your input is critical to perfecting our ideas, our presentation, and our understanding of your needs.

Mail or phone:

PO BOX 9339 SANTA ROSA A 95405-1339

+1 415 264-6519

A Spectrum of Ideas

One subject is never enough

Ideas first applied to astronomy can find their way into the sea.

Organic design can be modeled into life-like machines.

New and Newer

3D printing of lunar regolith can lead to 3D printing of homes here.

Spacecraft are similar to sailing vessels; on a larger sea.

Old places can garner new ideas

Ethan has a broad spectrum of skills and interests which find their way into his designs and inventions. He is a skilled and imaginative consultant to Special Construction with a long history of service oriented architecture.

The Architect


The hardest and most expensive part of the process.

Learn the Craft

Put in time to perfect not just the design, but the fitting together.


Get right to it.

Deliver the best service.

Learn from the Best

Choose mentors who are the very best in the field.

Make it Fit

Find, understand, and keep at all cost, the  best craftsmen.


Hone your expertise and stick with it.

Service oriented architecture comes in all sizes, shapes, and inflections.

Ongoing Research & Projects


Ocean cleanup, or more precisely ocean plastic waste cleanup, is an unresolved problem.

Up to one billion kilograms of plastic, floating and in suspension to a depth of 25 meters, taints the oceans. Well mixed with more millions of tons of common flotsam and jetsam, plastic waste cannot practicably be dredged from the oceans.  

What to Wear

How about a hands-free holiday? 

Architecture is not complete without fashion design.

Outer Space

Every new frontier requires thought and preparation. Whether the cis-lunar environment or further out to Mars, human activity will continue to take place, and human habitation will follow.

Bay Area Transit

The funicular is coming!

Headway for trains, BART, buses, and finally cars is at the limit.

Look up. You won't have to find parking at the stadium.

Bird-Free Baseball

Kites are in - seagulls are out!

Turbo-Electric Trucks

Refined diesel fuel (so sorry Stuttgart) - or natural gas? Fracking has produced an over-abundance of natural gas. Efforts to use it in long-haul trucking are constrained to adaptations of old (thousands of moving parts) technologies.

Try something new. Get rid of that gearbox, toss the camshaft. Gas-turbine electric and in-wheel motors are the silent future.


Ocean cleanup, or more specifically ocean plastic cleanup, requires an industrial solution to an industrial problem. Plastic is failing humanity bigtime. 

Roman Holiday

How about a travel-lite evening dress for the serious femme fatale?

Alley Cat

The use of catenary transportation is only now being introduced to American cities. Subways are limited by spectacular cost and time to integrate and bus service is ever more congested. Infrastructure impact is no longer tolerated by commercial interests and residents alike. Alameda, an island community, is especially isolated from the regional BART system, and the ever more crowded, tire crushing, freeways. Oakland is growing without a cognitive plan to accommodate the expectant population. Residential, Service (particularly medical), and Commercial environs are dependent upon only three BART terminals servicing only the central corridor of Oakland. The cost of catenary systems are in the low hundreds of millions of dollars, and arrive with minimal street level impact.

No Fly Zone

And it works at the Coliseum!

Passing it On

Teaching is a performance art.

Teaching (pdf)